About Loaves and Fishes

The Loaves

My name is Kelbert Bortone. Two and one half years ago, I moved to Cuenca, Ecuador with my wife Mariana and our two children. We came from Margarita Island, Venezuela. At this time in history, the situation in Venezuela is volatile and very dangerous. We were sad to leave our country but could see it worsening daily. We left behind our dear island, loving family, friends, the home I built and even our pets, seeking a better future.
Mariana, my wife and life partner, has a creative gift when baking; she studied bread making in Venezuela. We had an artisan bakery in Margarita so when we came to Cuenca we decided to make baking the business of our new home. We began with the few savings that we had and a lot of faith. We named our business ARTESANA. We purchased our first small oven and Mariana began to bake bread which I sold. At the beginning it was not easy; long hours, hot ovens, many hours testing recipes all began to draw customers. At first I delivered bread on my bicycle. As demand grew, we continued adding products Mariana created. ARTESANA BREAD is now known as the best bread in Cuenca. We are very proud and incredibly grateful for the opportunity life has given us. We enjoy baking because we love to make people happy with our bread and cakes.

The Fishes

Lenny and his wife Sharon McIntosh moved to Cuenca in 2011. As a young man, Lenny loved working as a school teacher in New York until he discovered computers. He left teaching to manage a computer retail store. Soon he was working in marketing at Apple. Lenny has been enthusiastically promoting the possibilities of the internet to everyday folks since 1993.
Two years ago, while attending a high tech conference in Quito, he met David Finnegan, the co-owner of the Quito-based 20-year-old business Productos Terranova. David, like Lenny, had lived in Manhattan in the past. The two developed a friendship which led to David asking Lenny to be the Cuenca distributor.
Lenny now offers sushi-quality salmon, trout, shrimp, paiche, smoked salmon, smoked trout, tilapia, duck and lamb products to many restaurants and to the expat community in Cuenca

Loaves And Fishes

Lenny and Kelbert met at the Bayou Cafe in December 2016. In their initial conversation Kelbert said to Lenny
“Who would have thought I would be speaking English and selling bread to Gringos in Ecuador?”.
Lenny replied, “Who would have thought I would be in Ecuador speaking Spanish and selling fish to Cuencanos and ex-pats?”
Both men share an enthusiasm for entrepreneurship and prize being extranjaros in Ecuador.
Their combined goal for Loaves and Fishes is to offer quality baked goods and premium fish and lamb products to the Cuenca community through an online store. This adds the delivery service option for residents who might otherwise miss out on these marvelous products. Give Loves and Fishes a try. They will transport delicious food to your door.
The website shows you many options to delight your tastebuds. There are easy recipes for interesting ways to cook Lenny’s Productos Terranova selections. Kelbert and Mariana’s Artesana breads and cakes are delicious all by themselves or as an accompaniment for other foods.